Did you know that with a tablet and a Slingbox device you can watch TV in any room in the house?  As long as you have a connection to the web you can watch your home TV from practically anywhere!
This great technology allows you to view your home cable television or DVR from anywhere in the world. From the front porch to the vacation house, or even to the kid's dorm room, if the game's on, and you have a connection, your phone, tablet, smart TV, or computer become another TV for you.
Slingbox 500
Once your Slingbox device is installed and configured, you can view your favorite programs on your iPad or other device just about anywhere.  With a TV and a Roku or other streaming adapter, you can view the home TV from your living room in another state.  From your phone you can watch TV while walking down the street or while riding as passenger in a car.  There are plenty of options and opportunities for accessing the big game, or your favorite programs.

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