Harbor Springs Computers has been helping customers with simple and complex computer issues for over 30 years. I can help with PCs, Macs, Tablets, Phones, TVs, and other tech gadgets. I work year-round in my workshop located behind my house, and I do house calls. Give me a call or drop me an e-mail or text if you have questions or problems. I may even surprise you and fix your problem over the phone for free if I feel it's the right thing to do. Postponing a computer repair often makes things worse, and at worst it may end up costing you your data! Call now to get things right. I'll even fix the user if that's the problem. It often is.
  Standard Labor Rate (Effective 8/1/22)  $140 / Hour
  This includes travel time, diagnostics, repair, troubleshooting, consulting, installations, setup, configuring, training, phone consulting, research, and more. Rates are charged by the tenth of the hour. 

While I still often gives discounts and spend free amounts of time on jobs, I no longer promise these discounts. My time is limited, so I must charge for it.
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  Harbor Springs Computers reserves the right to modify the above price list at any time. Please understand that I try to charge for my time and expertise whenever possible, as these are my main assets. Please help me keep my wasted time to a minimum by having passwords and other needed information handy to speed things along. Please watch the clock to help expedite my time. I apologize if the job ends up costing more than anticipated or estimated. I will make every effort possible to please my customers, including spending free time as I see fit.
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