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Viasat Satellite Internet
Viasat (formerly Exede) Satellite Internet may be the right option for rural customers looking for a high speed alternative to their current internet connection. Although fiber-optic cable may be available in the next few years, Viasat can get you connected sooner.
Do you live in an area that is untouched by cable or cell tower coverage? Viasat only needs a clear view of the southern sky to connect you to high speed internet.


Prices change frequently. Check the latest info at www.getviasat.com!


I've done the research and I can help you decide the best
rural high speed internet solution for your location.
If satellite is your best option, you'll find that the speed
and reliability of Viasat Satellite Internet is fantastic.
Viasat Internet:

- Speeds consistently better than 12Mbs!
- Reliable - Even in bad weather!
- Requires a view of the southwest sky.
- Free installations available!
- 2 year commitment required.
- $9.99/mo rental fee required.
- Snowbird Plan allows pausing your service for
    up to 6 months per year.
- Bundle with Viasat Voice!


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